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Each show has been developed inline with our tried and tested creative learning performance project model, ready to form the backbone of your term of work.


Suitable for ages: 7-11 / P4-7
Outline: The gruesome tale of Edinburgh’s most infamous criminals.
Songs: 10
Character Groups: Townsfolk/Cadavers, Students/Guards, Navvies
Lead Parts: William Burke, William Hare & Dr. Knox
Duration: 50 MINS

Treasure Island >>

Suitable for ages: 7-11 / P4-7
Outline: An adaptation of R.L. Stevenson’s swashbuckling tale.
Songs: 9
Character Groups: Loyalists, Pirates, Locals/Castaways
Lead Parts: Jim Hawkins, The Captain, Long John Silver & Doctor Livesey
Duration: 50 MINS

Dracula >>

Suitable for ages: 7-11 / P4-7
Outline: An adaptation of B. Stoker’s gothic story of vampires and superstition.
Songs: 9
Character Groups: Vampires, Vampires Hunters/Salvage Crew, Carpathians/Patients
Lead Parts: Count Dracula, Van Helsing, Mina Murray & Jonathan Harker
Duration: 50 MINS

The Legend of King Loth >>

Suitable for ages: 6-9 / P3-5
Outline: The tale of the Pictish King who gave his name to the Lothians.
Songs: 9
Character Groups: Loth’s Army, Men of Fib/Monks, Lords and Ladies/Witches
Lead Parts: King Loth, Princess Thenew & Lord Mordred
Duration: 40 MINS