• PRESS KIT for "Let’s Clean (a daily lock-down dream)"

    We’re so inspired by our incredible chorus of scientists and healthcare professionals from our sell-out Edinburgh Fringe show who are working extremely hard at the moment to fight COVID19. They proved they also have other strings to their bow….

    Here is their sparkling new COVID19 version of Let’s Clean from The Mould that Changed the World! It’s a daily lockdown dream!

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PRESS KIT: Let’s Clean (a daily lock-down dream)

NHS workers, scientists and healthcare professionals across the UK have united in this fun new video to spread the word about the importance of cleaning and staying at home during the COVID19 lockdown. The talented amateur chorus first performed in the sell-out Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018 musical called “The Mould that Changed the World” which was met with critical acclaim and aims to engage the general public in the fight against Antimicrobial Resistance. With many of the chorus members working tirelessly to lead and support the UK’s medical response to the COVID19 outbreak, it felt appropriate to send a positive and fun message directly from our key health workers to the public.

Composer Robin Hiley has re-written one of the choruses from the hit show to be an uplifting and light-hearted guide to household cleaning, pointing out common places where the virus can survive. The video shows some of them in their scrubs at work in hospitals and medical practices, and some at home, recording the song in their spare-time. The hope is that this positive take can bring some joy and laughter during this turbulent time, whilst also incorporating some simple advice that anyone can follow in the home setting. With over 25,000 views, likes and shares online already and overwhelmingly positive feedback on the video, we aim to spread the message and the song as far and wide as possible.


Written & created by Robin Hiley (twitter.com/HileyRob)

Find out more about The Mould that Changed the World on the project website