The Legend of King Loth

Suitable for ages: 6-9 / P3-5
Outline: The tale of the Pictish King who gave his name to the Lothians.
Songs: 9
Character Groups: Loth’s Army, Men of Fib/Monks, Lords and Ladies/Witches
Lead Parts: King Loth, Princess Thenew & Lord Mordred
Duration: 40 MINS

About The Legend of King Loth

The Legend of King Loth is a fictitious story about a king who appears in numerous Arthurian legends. Inspired by a local Scottish story, the show contrasts the emotive themes of betrayal, greed and barbarism with the sentiments of love, faith and perseverance. As the story unfolds the antagonists are faced with trials that test their courage and they are pitted against foes of true malice and cunning. It is a tale in which tragedy looms but where bonds of love, friendship and loyalty offer a ray of hope.

The Production

The Legend of King Loth has been specially tailored to ensure that large groups of children, from Primary Three to Five, can participate. The aim of the production is to enable the inclusion of children with a wide variety of talents and skills. Within The Legend of King Loth there is something for everybody. The children will always be singing in groups and, for the most part, these will be large groups, numbering between twenty and thirty children. However, the show does also offer several challenging opportunities for older and more confident children by allowing them to sing in smaller groups and to deliver lines of essential dialogue. One of the main aims of the production is to enable maximum inclusion and give all the participants a taste for life on the stage.