We prepare and perform a show with a cast of up to 120 children

Charades Theatre productions place musical theatre at the centre of a child’s learning experience.  The company’s original musicals are tailored to align closely with the complex demands of the curriculum. Through this, primary school shows are transformed from being an extra-curricular add-on to being an integral part of a child’s education.


So, how do we do this?

Browse the 4 main elements that make up one of our projects:

Our Format

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The Workshops

Preview what happens in each of the workshops that form the back-bone of our projects.

The Themes

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The Resources

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Cross-curriculum learning

As well as the Charades’ musicals being educational in obvious ways – e.g. promoting singing, drama, vocabulary, team-work, confidence, concentration etc – they are also designed to be the catalyst for learning in all areas of the curriculum.  They are to be a tool for the class teacher to make subjects such as English, History and Science come to life.  The musicals are historically accurate and go to great lengths to elaborate on issues pertinent to the day – e.g. Burke and Hare explores the complexities of the immigration issue through the Irish immigrant workers central to the plot in a way that engages the children as they portray the victims and the aggressors in the show.