We have developed a highly successful format for our shows ensuring success in all school environments. Having delivered projects in over 100 schools, you can rest assured that our format for creative learning is as tried and tested as they come.


Our Format

  • a cast of up to 120 pupils
  • cast divided into 3 main character groups, suiting everyday school logistics for rehearsal
  • each group get their turn in the limelight with individual songs
  • each group also part of bigger ‘chorus’ scenes
  • Charades music specialists perform with the children, linking scenes together with recitative-like passages expertly devised choreography and actions
  • physical theatre techniques to minimise props and scenery



The Workshops

Preview what happens in each of the workshops that form the back-bone of our projects.

The Themes

Check out the shows that are currently available.

The Resources

Find out about the comprehensive package of learning resources that accompany our projects.