For all Charades Theatre shows a full package of resources is provided for the school. We offer a bespoke resources website that can be accessed by all participants both in school and at home.

The resources are designed specifically so that the class teacher can deliver the project between workshops without the help of a classroom music specialist – we are aware that not all schools have a music teacher. As well as providing all the key tools for the children to develop their music and drama, these resources also include numerous exercises, activities and suggestions for work pertaining to a wide variety of subjects across the curriculum.

As well as being a great classroom tool, the resources site is very popular with children outside school hours. With access to the lyrics and the facility to stream the songs, it can be used as a homework resource as well as a secure site for the children to enjoy in their spare time.


The Resources

The Teacher’s Pack

A comprehensive set of project resources. From lyric sheets to lesson worksheets, from practical information to characterisation and drama games, the teacher’s pack is the main port of call for all class-teachers throughout the project.

The Warm-Up CD

A tool to help teachers lead the class in breathing and singing exercises for warming-up before rehearsing. This interactive CD runs the class through various breathing games, tongue-twisters and singing warm-ups.

The Learning CD

A recording of all the songs from the show, sung by a female voice at the pitch the children will sing at and accompanied by just a piano. As many of the children will learn the songs aurally, this CD allows for the melodies and words to be clearly heard without the full band backing as a distraction.

The Listening CD

A ‘full cast’ recording of the entire show with male and female vocalists and a full band accompaniment. Initially an exciting way to enthuse the children in the show’s music, the full recording can also be used as the children get more familiar with the lyrics and melodies.

The Performance CD

This is the recording that the show is performed to, and can be used in the latter stages of the project to practice singing and choreography after the Music Support Day Workshop.

The Piano Score

This is the piano music, guitar chords and vocal score for the show. It is available to any class teacher who plays the piano or guitar, or indeed to any music-specialists involved in the project.


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