To achieve a truly unique, rewarding and memorable experience for all its participants, a Charades project provides a significant number of contact hours delivered by 3 highly trained music and drama specialists.


The Workshops

Week 1: The C.P.D.

To kick-start the project we provide a professional development session for participating teachers on how to support the project in the classroom as well as tips on incorporating it into a given term’s work.

Week 2: The Introductory Workshop

Led by 1 Charades music/drama specialist. This half-day workshop introduces the themes and characters and gets each group started with their songs.

Week 6: The Music-Support Day Workshop

Led by 3 Charades specialists working simultaneously with different character groups within the cast. Some 4-5 weeks after the introductory workshop, this full-day workshop focuses on staging the production once the children have memorised the songs, bringing movement and drama to the fore in preparation for the final performance.

Week 8: The Performance Day Workshop

Led by 3 Charades specialists performing alongside the children. The final full-day workshop – the big performance day – will include a tech run-through, a performance to the rest of the school, and an afternoon performance for family and friends. Charades’ mobile theatre, incorporating professional lights, costumes and sound, truly captures the wonders of the stage in the school hall.

Our Format

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The Themes

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The Resources

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